Marketing Translation

Exporting products, selling to foreign customers, opening up to new markets, are all challenges in today's world.

Marketing translation is a necessary step, for which you need a good method. When it comes to translation, you have already invested time and resources in developing your marketing campaign: you have defined key words, formulated slogans, identified all the right communication channels. So you already have a complete strategy.

It is very important that this invested time and skills are captured in your exchanges with your foreign partners and customers. And it is important that the impact of your marketing translations remains equally penetrating in all languages.

Marketing translation, website, web content, keywords…

Digital communication has become essential. Your websites, your digital image, are very important. And you have probably spent a lot of time optimizing them.

But what about English, German, Dutch, Spanish translations of the same web content? Do they translate your intentions well? Are they true to your thinking, to your image? Are the original keywords always replaced by relevant keywords?

The marketing translator must translate the text submitted to him faithfully, but also be able to adapt your slogans and texts to the cultural context of the target language. Indeed, a commercial discourse will be formulated differently depending on the language in which it is expressed, and the reader, very accustomed to the local culture, will be irremediably bothered by a syntax discrepancy.

Your international expansion depends on a perfect mastery of all these elements.

Universalis Translation therefore insists on them for all your digital content, brochures, presentation leaflets or press releases. We will be your specialist agency and will do everything possible to provide you with an excellent service.

Written by Olivia King