Why Google will never replace a translation agency?

the impact of translation on new york city

Use a professional translator or a translation application?

If you want the project to be done properly, for your translation needs, there is only one way to do it: through a translation agency. There is no doubt about it, because there is a real gap between a human translation service and a virtual application. This is the smartest decision you can make for your company, its growth and to expand your platform internationally. Choosing a professional translation agency is essential in a context where the market is becoming more and more competitive. Using the services of a translation agency is the key to strengthening relationships with your established foreign clients and pursuing new opportunities abroad.

The benefits of a professional company over automatic translation

When you need to translate professional documents or marketing content for a professional result, translation applications simply won't do the job. In fact, using a translation application causes many misunderstandings, even when you want to communicate with foreign friends. They do not understand the deep meaning of a text and often create content that goes against what you are really trying to say. Their translation is often too literal, the context is lost and the content makes no sense. These applications do not render the deep meaning of your text. It is obvious that computers cannot compete with humans in terms of communication.

Put yourself in the right place

Only a specialist can properly handle the professional presentation of your company and the clearness of your message. It is therefore essential to ensure that the content you broadcast is displayed in the best possible way and that no one is indifferent to its impact. It must also contain the necessary keywords, and its grammar must be impeccable. Using an automatic translation service presents the risk of submitting content which looks like it was written by someone other than yourself, putting your image at risk.

The benefits of a professional translation service

We can talk about our own experience. At Universalis Translation, our team is always available to help you. Our company maintains long-standing business relationships with our customers while continuously developing new contacts. We are a team of qualified translators and spare no effort to accomplish an outstanding job. This often leads us to work tirelessly to meet deadlines, complete a project and deliver results that satisfy our clients. We are committed to completing each assignment, ensuring that each translation is relevant and meets the specific needs of the client's market. We understand that our interlocutors work on particular markets, and have therefore et up a real team of experts in all fields.

The service we provide you with

What we propose to our customers, Google cannot provide :

  • A native speaker, from a team of specialists from all over the world
  • Experts with in-depth knowledge of your business field
  • Accuracy and fidelity
  • Competitive rates
  • Superior quality work

The languages we handle

We translate into and from the main European and Asian languages and specialise in the following languages in particular:

  • French <-> English
  • French <-> Spanish
  • French <-> German
  • French <-> Italian
  • French <-> Dutch
  • French <-> Polish
  • French <-> Portuguese
Other language combinations are of course available, always with the same attention to detail and quality. We save you time and money. We provide ready-to-use translations that do not require any modification and are on time. In addition, you can be sure that there will be no translation mistakes due to the fantasy of an application. We are here to make your life easier. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. With Universalis Translation, you will never be disappointed.