Why should you work with a translation agency ?

The main advantages of working with a translation agency.

There is no denying that translation agencies can be useful. From the client's point of view, they are practical. Especially if you need several languages. If you need a document translated into five different languages, you won't have to find five translators, the agency will do it for you. You also don't need to know the translation process. Just send the text you want translated to an agency and they will take care of everything for you. From the translator's point of view, it's easy to get regular work from agencies. This allows them to earn a steady income without having to spend a lot of time marketing their services.However, these advantages have led the large agencies to dominate the translation industry and, like everything else, translation agencies also have their disadvantages.

The main disadvantages of working with a translation agency.

For customers, personalized attention is often lacking. Unless your company is deemed important enough, your projects will often be managed by different project managers and translators. This makes it difficult for them to be familiar with your company's specific terminology or requirements. For translators, agencies often offer low rates and set unrealistic deadlines. Working with an agency often means that you cannot contact the end customer directly to ask questions about the project. You will have to ask the project manager to pass these questions on to the client. As a result, the possibility of miscommunication is huge. At Universalis Translation we work for each projects in a small team to ensure a personalized follow-up and to offer you a quality service. Our agency ensure the best communication on the market in order to always meet your expectations.

Why do some translation agencies have a bad reputation?

- Many translators are willing to accept the low rates of pay offered by these agencies in order to obtain a secure income.

- Many agencies do not invest in training. Nor do they know the appropriate questions to ask their clients in order to meet their expectations.


If you are buying translation services for the first time, you need to do some research. Will the requirements of your project be better met by choosing an agency or individual translator? If you decide to work with an agency, you will have a choice of several reliable and professional agencies. Get recommendations and consult the internet. If the text you wish to translate is highly specialised, consider looking for an agency that specialises in this field. Many of the translators they work with will have professional experience in this field. At Universalis Translation our translators are specialized in many fields, such as science, law, literature, politics etc.

If you are a translator, you should also get recommendations from your colleagues and get an idea of how the agency works before agreeing to work with it. Research the rates generally charged for your language combination and specialization.

Translation agencies can be very beneficial to both clients and translators. However, you need to find out more so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Written by Olivia King